A Tangled Web

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Varindjo is a conlang I developed from a random collection of words I’d made up.  I was writing backstory on my PC when I stumbled across a reference to the Tevarin and thought it would be cool if my character wound up learning some exotic martial art from this Tevarin master – who refused to speak English.  As the dialog for that scene grew, I started keeping a list of words.  then notes on word order in sentences.  At some point I realized that I needed to define the whole language and Varindjo was born.

That was over a year ago.  I have yet to finish that scene.  The whole idea grew like Topsy and before I knew it, “JD” was involved with this group of traditionalist Tevarin determined to return to their home world.  The character sketch was becoming a story which is now becoming a novel.  ::sigh::

And therein lies the rub.  As I’ve noted elsewhere, my work has probably gone places the writers at Cloud Imperium Games don’t want to follow.  I’d be thrilled if they did, but likely they’d just want just bits and pieces and then the copyrights would get all mixed up and I wouldn’t be able to publish any of my own work.  I think that would hurt more than not having them use any of it.

So, more than likely, the Star Citizen lore and references will eventually get stripped out and “K’mora” will become my own little writer’s sandbox.  Less famous, perhaps, but still satisfying.

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