Tevarin Stories

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So, basically, I’m pulling all the Varindjo based work out of the Star Citizen universe and moving it into my own little writer’s sandbox.  What was my ‘Tevarin’ writing is getting reworked and reposted under ‘Anyuvin’.  I still plan on doing writing in the SC universe, but the Tevarin stuff just got too far from what’s going to be in-game, so it’s time to reset.

A year or so ago, I started working on a backstory for my Star Citizen PC and, having run across a vague reference to the ‘Tevarin’, decided they would be interesting to incorporate. There is, however, a dearth of information about them in SC lore, so I started “making stuff up.” At first it was just some words and simple cultural stuff, but the project has grown. Probably well beyond the point at which it will ever be compatible with whatever the writers come up with when they finally do get around to fleshing out the Tevarin race. So I will, in all likelihood, wind up tweaking the names a bit and using this exercise in world-building as the basis for independent fiction.

T’vudjiri is the story of the Tevarin’s escape from captivity.

Žara takes place a few decades after they settle on a new planet.

The “Endnotes” post is also useful, as it defines many, if not all of the terms used in the stories.  (It will be updated as required.)

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