Social Justice Warrior

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I see no conflict between social justice and free speech.  Indeed, one cannot have one without the other.  Setting these two things in opposition, only guarantees that, in the end, we will have neither.  We cannot have social justice if the oppressed are not free to speak of their oppression.  We cannot have free speech if one group, by dint of it’s size, drowns out the voices with which it disagrees.  That being said, the movement of society towards freedom for all, especially freedom of speech, does not constitute the oppression of those who, until now, have held a monopoly on that freedom.

Whether it’s gamerboys decrying how the “Social Justice Warriors” are ruining gaming by pointing out the misogynist elements in so many games, or right wing Christians whining about how they are being “oppressed” by people saying “Happy Holidays”, I have just one thing to say:

Suck it up, Buttercup.  Freedom is for everybody.