HonorCon 2015

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Thanks to all who attended my presentation on conlangs for fiction.  I hope these slides prove useful.


However, if you’re serious about constructed languages, you should invest in David J. Peterson’s “The Art of Language Invention.”   Be prepared, there’s a lot to learn from it and it isn’t all going to fall in  place right off.  Still, he writes clearly – and with some humor.  Buy lots of highlighters.

Other books I have found useful:

  • “The Language Construction Kit”, by Mark Rosenfelder.  [Amazon ebook]  A rather intense overview of conlanging.  A cheap start if you think you might be interested and enough to keep you from shooting yourself in the foot.
  • “A Practical Introduction to Phonetics”, by J.C. Catford.  How will your language sound?  A very good tutorial on how humans speak.
  • “Introducing Morphology”, by Rochelle Lieber.  [Amazon ebook].  Fascinating in its own right, but an invaluable aid in lexicon building.
  • “Syntax: A Generative Introduction” 3rd Edition, by Andrew Carnie  [Amazon ebook]  Yes, diagramming sentences sucks, but if you’re going to get deep into generating your own grammar, you need to understand it.  A palatable introduction.

Feel free to leave comments, but I don’t always check the blog as much as I should, so don’t give up if I don’t respond right away.  I’m on Facebook as well (Lee Walter – look for the Star Citizen banner), not a frequent poster, but I probably check that more often.

Happy conlanging!