Vote Your Conscience

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I voted for Bernie  in the primary  (you probably knew that already) but I will be backing Hillary  in November.  However much I would prefer Bernie, the consequences of a Trump presidency are just too horrific to contemplate unless you’re some straight white guy who’s willing to sieg hell his way through it.

So, for those of you who are going to vote Green, or Libertarian, or stay home and pout:  what if your state goes to Trump by a very slim margin?  What if you, and those like you, strip away enough votes from Hillary to put that sexist, racist, homophobic war monger in the Oval Office?  The day after the elections – are you at least going to have the decency to feel responsible for what happens down the road?

When Trump turns this country into a police state.  When the Supreme Court is locked into a right wing mindset for the next decade.  When your rights are slowly stripped away.  When it somehow becomes acceptable to openly discriminate against women, jews, queers, blacks.  When the first amendment is neutered and speaking out against anything the government does becomes a crime.  When those who do speak out start disappearing in the night.  When all these things happen – and they will – then will you finally admit your mistake?

Or will you try to excuse yourself by saying “It’s not my fault! I just voted my conscience.”  Because it probably wasn’t your conscience that made you vote the way you did. Because if you have half a brain in your head you can already see what’s coming if Trump is elected.  And no conscience worthy of the name would ever let that happen.