Threads, Braids and Knots

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Some years ago, at Pennsic, I bought one of those little foam kumihimo disks and started playing with it.  It pretty much consumed that Pennsic.  (When my wife has to remind me that it’s time to armor up for a battle, you know something’s wrong with the world.)  I’ve calmed down somewhat since then, but braids still come out at fairly regular intervals.


In general, I tend to pick a person and create a braid for them.  If they’re Scadian, I will often used the colors from their arms (if they have any.)  Finding a suitable pattern can sometimes be challenging, but that’s part of the fun.  I’ll be posting pictures here as they come out.  I’ve missed several, but if I can get pictures of them, I’ll post them here as well.

Now, I’m thinking about Kute-Uchi (Japanese finger loop braiding.)  The road goes ever on and on.