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Under Construction

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The Anyúvin language is undergoing some revision to reflect it’s “linguistic heritage.”   This will, of course, involve a certain degree of re-writing for the posted stories. Speaking of which, I will be moving them to static pages.  Shouldn’t impact what you see, but it will make my life easier.  Also, I will be adding an Anyúvin lexicon to the… Read more »

HonorCon 2015

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Thanks to all who attended my presentation on conlangs for fiction.  I hope these slides prove useful. HonorCon2015 However, if you’re serious about constructed languages, you should invest in David J. Peterson’s “The Art of Language Invention.”   Be prepared, there’s a lot to learn from it and it isn’t all going to fall in  place right off.  Still, he writes… Read more »

A Tangled Web

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Varindjo is a conlang I developed from a random collection of words I’d made up.  I was writing backstory on my PC when I stumbled across a reference to the Tevarin and thought it would be cool if my character wound up learning some exotic martial art from this Tevarin master – who refused to speak English.  As the dialog… Read more »

“Conlang of Love”

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In a world that is verging on sensory overload, an artform which requires us to focus on one particular sense, is at a disadvantage. It must engage us with such fierceness that we conspire with it to shut out everything else: The popup telling us an email just arrived, the phone telling us someone’s texted us, or, in my particular… Read more »