Copyrights and Caveats


Unless noted otherwise, all work on the site is original and the copyright is held by the author.  Fair use, (short excerpts for reviews, etc.,) is encouraged and if there’s a teacher out there who wants to burden their students with my scribblings – go for it.


Some of this work is set in the Star Citizen (SC) universe, which presents some problems.  Especially in those areas where I have expanded on SC lore in ways that may, in the future, conflict with what the writers eventually come up with.  So the standard caveat with regard to SC is that you build on my work at your own risk.  What I am writing  is not Star Citizen lore, nor is it approved in any way by Cloud Imperium Games.  It exists only because I needed more background on the Tevarin race and their language for my PC’s backstory.

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