In the Age of Storms and other stories

A collection of short fiction of various stripes.

Stuff I’ve let out of the barn…

Haunted:  I love flash fiction.  So many of my ideas are vignettes.  This one sparked by the sight of an old Victorian house on the Maine coast – with a sheet or something hung up in a nearby tree.

Saturday Night:  Not sure what to say about this one, except that it makes me angry and sad at the same time.

The Ghost Thief: And how many stories start with a title that just leaps into my mind?  This one, however, surprised me.  From the first sentence, I knew it wasn’t what I thought it was.

Keys: Hard to remember where this one came from, but I love poking around abandoned places and things, so the junkyard setting was fun to play with.  The story, well, that just dropped in while I was  setting the scene.

The Lake:  Ah, revenge.  One way or another, there’s always a story in it.

In the Age of Storms:  Once upon a time I set myself the challenge of ‘rewriting’ some of the classic short stories.  Or, at least, riffing off them.  This is the only one I’ve done, but it was fun.

The Mist:  Hide and go seek in the woods.  I really do love the woods in fall.  OK, and winter.  And spring.  (Summer is ::meh::)  I thought this story was going nowhere until the last paragraph was written.

Carly Albright’s Doomsday Scenario: An old piece, but one I just had so much fun writing that I don’t care if people think it’s silly.  (OK, to be honest, it is.  But it’s fun-silly.)

The Promised Land: “The promised land always lies on the other side of a wilderness” – Havelock Ellis.

The City of Masks: What happens when masks don’t hide who we are?  And would you have the courage to find out?

The Iceman:  Revenge does not always have the effect we intend it to.

Ideas and works in progress

These are just ideas and password protected until I make something of them.

Hot Water:  another scene without a story

Hip Deep in Elves: When re-enactors meet history…