Jumble Blues

A young girl loses her family while a teenager and winds up as an indentured worker on Jumble Station, an immense, ad hoc collection of old ships and station parts, loosely wired together and home to some of the less law-abiding citizens of the Terran Federation.  Over time, she comes to be the right hand of a smuggler who inadvertently becomes a hero of sorts.  Along the way, she befriends a small colony of Anyúvin, an alien race conquered by the Federation.  Hated and feared in equal parts by the humans, those Anyúvin who strove to live in their traditional way fled to Jumble and are engaged in some grand – and mysterious – project of their own.

Part 1: Jumble

Indenture: JD’s arrival on Jumble and how she winds up indentured to Montaigne.

Reckless: Some day, JD’s going to learn not to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong.  Right.

Culture Shock:

An Empty Mind:

Milk Run:

Vile Rumors:

Marcoli’s Ghost:


Part 2: Soldier

Shades of Gray:

Shadowy Figures:

Not From These Parts:

Here To Stay:

Bad Intel:

Talk Is Cheap:

Dirty Deeds:

An Uneasy Peace:

Part 3: Uncivil War

A Small Dispute:

Tit For Tat:


Choosing Sides:

Arms Race:

The Gunships Fly:

Battle of Karketh:


Part 4: Exodus

Double Take:



Wrong Cavalry:

No Long Goodbyes:

Red Herring:

Last Chance:

No One Wants the Truth:

This started out as the backstory for my character in the video game “Star Citizen.”  Alas, the writers took the Tevarin in directions that differed from where I wanted this story to go.  So, the Tevarin became the Anyúvin, a few place names were changed and, well, here we are.