Other Languages of the Anyúvin Universe

Various language sketches generated for the the Anyúvin stories.

Číruk: A large (2 meter +) highly intelligent insectoid species.  Having no manipulatory digits of their own, they developed a technological civilization by the simple expedient of enslaving an intelligent race that did.  They are engaged in a great migration to the center of the galaxy where, they believe, the spirits of their ancestors await them. So sure are they of their goal, that they are sweeping up all the intelligent species they find so that they may “share” in the great moment of reunion.

Junþýr: A large omnivorous species that evolved in a high altitude forest environment.  Like the Anyúvin, they were conquered by the Číruk while still at a very low technological level.  Unlike the Anyúvin (whose biology requires a large, extended family) the Junþýr are intensely pair bonded and tend to see things in twos, usually complimentary pairs.