K’moran Animals: The Ašo

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The ašo (ah-shoh) are a family of camel-like animals that had been bred to some very specific uses by the Anyuvin prior to the Čiruk invasion.  The largest of the species, and the one that goes by the generic name ašo, is a beast of burden bred to move a family’s encampment from one šigari (waterhole) to another.  It most closely… Read more »

The Mane

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This is a Chrysocyon Brachyurus, or “Maned Wolf”.  This is what kicked off the notion that the Anyuvin were maned.   I have no idea why it struck me so.  The ears look a bit overly big, but a wolf with a mane?  Cool. Then I decided to go with something more lion like, but, without the heavy lion body, it… Read more »


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Back when I was trying to build up background on the Tevarin, a race in the Star Citizen universe, I started building a language for them that I wanted to be gender neutral.  This, of course, required a gender neutral culture.  So I was stuck trying to design a species that would naturally evolve such a culture.  Complicating matters, I… Read more »

Arms and Armor of the K’moran Period

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Anyuvin kobu (armor) of this period was designed to be light and easy to move in.  The early Anyuvin warriors were mounted lancers and the small ketašo (keh-tah-shoh) they rode (think Mongol horse) would not bear the weight of heavy armor.  Favoring speed and endurance, the Anyuvin used minimal tack and limited themselves to a bridle and a light, flat,… Read more »

Anyuvin Dress

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Anyuvin undergarments are sometimes referred to by the slang term nika-taka (nih-kah-tah-kah) from nika, the short sleeved camisole-like shirt, (think of a T-shirt too short to tuck in,) and taka, a pair of pants coming down to about mid-calf and resembling Japanese hakama in construction.  The back piece is tied on first just above the waist and is split down… Read more »

Anyuvin Appearance

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This is my current thinking on the appearance of the Anyuvins. The Anyuvin are a upright, bipedal race standing slightly taller than your average human and with a distinctly canine appearance.  They are lightly furred except for a mane that extends from the head and tapers down toward the tail.    They are an analog of terrestrial marsupial. (See Genesis.)… Read more »

Tevarin Stories

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So, basically, I’m pulling all the Varindjo based work out of the Star Citizen universe and moving it into my own little writer’s sandbox.  What was my ‘Tevarin’ writing is getting reworked and reposted under ‘Anyuvin’.  I still plan on doing writing in the SC universe, but the Tevarin stuff just got too far from what’s going to be in-game,… Read more »

A Tangled Web

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Varindjo is a conlang I developed from a random collection of words I’d made up.  I was writing backstory on my PC when I stumbled across a reference to the Tevarin and thought it would be cool if my character wound up learning some exotic martial art from this Tevarin master – who refused to speak English.  As the dialog… Read more »

Beginning Šačidjun

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Introduction Šačidjun, more often called, simply, šači, (pronounced “shah-chee”) is a game remarkably like the Old Earth game Backgammon. The name means, literally, “Corners and Points Game”. The Pieces There are two sides in a game of šači: veradi (summer) and tameg (winter.) Each side has eight raža (light) and eight čadra (shadow) pieces. The design of the pieces (shape, imprinted… Read more »

“Conlang of Love”

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In a world that is verging on sensory overload, an artform which requires us to focus on one particular sense, is at a disadvantage. It must engage us with such fierceness that we conspire with it to shut out everything else: The popup telling us an email just arrived, the phone telling us someone’s texted us, or, in my particular… Read more »