Chapter 1, Part 6

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Time In Remission (cont) Tomoe started. No wonder she’d recognized the story! But it was impossible! “That story! My grandmother used to tell it all the time, how she was descended from a warrior woman who fought in the Onin War. But that was four hundred years ago!” For a moment, all Izumi could hear was the beating of her… Read more »

Chapter 1, Part 5

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Time In Remission (cont) Tomoe swirled the dregs of her tea in the bottom of the cup. It was an old dilemma, that she felt most alive when she was fighting. Some of the things she’d done had sickened her, and yet, at the time, there seemed to be no other way. She had forced that unwanted guilt down time… Read more »

Chapter 1, Part 4

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Time In Remission (cont) Tomoe stared at the other woman as she poured the tea. That story had had a familiar ring to it. She closed her eyes and she could almost hear her grandmother’s voice telling it. Grandma told the best stories, she thought to herself. Full of strong women. The last news she’d gotten, Grandma was still alive…. Read more »

Chapter 1, Part 3

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Time In Remission (cont) Izumi put more wood on the fire, breaking the sticks and piling them neatly on top of the burning coals. Then she put more water in the cast iron kettle that hung on a hooked stick over the fire pit. “Perhaps you will tell me how you came to be wounded.” Pulling up her sleeve, Izumi… Read more »

Chapter 1, Part 2

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Time In Remission (cont) Izumi pulled her sleeve back so it wouldn’t get bloody and reached out to check Tomoe’s pulse. It beat, weak but steady. She leaned back, taking in the woman’s strange, somehow mannish clothes. What she took, at first, for silk was something else entirely. Just as soft, but less smooth to the touch. The quilted jacket… Read more »

Chapter 1, Part 1

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Time In Remission She knows she must seem like a wraith. Counts on it, hoping the blue-gray cotton jacket and black hakama will make her just another shadow in the trees. Something not of this earth. She has stayed in the woods that border the lake, following it south to Uji. Away from Kyoto. Anywhere away from Fushimi. A cold… Read more »

Amneth and Elia

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East of the Sun and West of the Moon, ( a very common place in tales such as this,) there lies the land of Y’kwala, a lush and temperate land set within a ring of mountains that sparkle with diamond blue glaciers. And in Y’kwala there still live the first race of people, who are shapeshifters, and from which all… Read more »

Redefining Marriage

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Well, frankly, I think it’s about time we did. Those of us intelligent enough to understand things like, oh, say evolution, can easily envision a time long ago when sharing one’s life with another was a simpler process.  Two people find themselves attracted to each other and, obeying the primal biological and/or emotional urge to mate, (or just have sex,)… Read more »

Getting It

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I have lost track of the number of people who tell me that “they get it”.  No, really, “they get it.”  They’ve talked to their gay, black, female, Romani, immigrant – pick your own minority – and, wow, they get it. No, you don’t. You may want to get it, out of concern for your friend (admirable), or simply so… Read more »

Agenda? I got your ‘agenda’ right here…

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The other day, my wife and I were accused by (call them Friend-A) of “sacrificing a friendship for an agenda”.  Whether that friendship, (with someone else, call them Friend-B,) is truly over remains uncertain, the problem is Friend-A’s use of the word ‘agenda’ to describe, what we consider, a legitimate complaint about Friend-B’s behavior. Let’s face it, the word ‘agenda’… Read more »