Tales From the Sands

This part of the website is under construction.  I am in the process of transferring the longer pieces to static pages, rather than posts.  This keeps the front page a little more lively and gives me better control over the organization of the fiction.

These stories span the history of the Anyuvin people, told mostly from the point of view of members of Móra Šivák, a family within Clan Inádji.  The stories are arranged in chronological order.

Ráš Tegí kan Ažerin  (A Fall of Stars) Where it all begins.  Vádya’s conversations with the spirit Čádri are both frightening and intriguing, and it doesn’t help much that the spirit’s name means “Shadow” in the Kášav language.  But more frightening still is the reality when Vádya meets Čádri face-to-face — so to speak.  (In progress…)

T’vudjiri (Sacrifice)  The Čiruk have finally met a race they cannot defeat, but that won’t stop them from trying.  Fleet after fleet has been thrown against this foe.  Race after race has died.  Now it’s the Anyúvin fleet’s turn and Kethóvi must find a way to freedom.

Žara (Honor)  Decades after their escape, the Anyúvin face another threat – this time from the inside.  The Dj’Óšo, eight clans bent on dominating the Anyúvin race, are rising to power and Šándja must find a way to stop them, or at least sow the seeds of rebellion.